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VitoLax - Constipation Herbal Powder

VitoLax - constipation herbal powder

It is a beneficial phytomedicine for constipation and other digestive problems. VitoLax™ consist of ingredients having laxative properties which work together to provide relief from constipation. VitoLax™ is designed using highly useful herbs which have properties of a laxative. The synergistic effects of the ingredients make the formulation a balanced combination of different types of laxatives for effective management of constipation. VitoLax acts as a helping hand for all those millions of people who suffer from constipation and stomach related digestive problems!!

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Is Constipation getting you all uncomfortable and bloated?

“Constipation” is usually said to occur when bowel movements are restricted to 3 or lesser times a week, or when the stool is hard, dry, painful and difficult to pass. The food we consume, the physical activity we engage in all have a rather direct effect on constipation. At times, the constipation gets a little more serious leading to piles and fissures.

How does VitoLax™ work?

VitoLax™ acts as a bulk forming laxative adding bulk and water to your stools. It contracts and triggers the bowels to pass stool out easily. It has incredible laxative qualities that enable proper and smooth bowel movements.


Add 1-2 full measure with the spoon provided in a glass full of water, stir well and drink immediately at bedtime. Additional glass of water is helpful.

Side Effects

VitoLax™ is made of pure and natural herbs; it assures complete safety and is absolutely free of side effects.


Plantago ovata (Isabgol) – It acts as a “high fiber bulk forming laxative”. Bulk forming laxative usually adds bulk and water to your stools. The large amount of stool helps the bowel to contract and move the stools out.
Cassia angustifolia (Swarnapatri) – It acts as a “stimulant laxative”. It triggers the bowel to squeeze or contract to move the stools out.
Triphala – It acts as a “mild laxative”. It helps in easy bowel evacuation

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I’m a person who who suffer from constipation. I need some medicine to help pass stool out easily, much better if this is contain natural ingredient only. It is about your herbal constipation powder, is the vitolax work really on it? Thanks.

i’ve been loocking quality herbal medicine to pass smooth stools for a long time and found it here. vitolax is made my life easier. Thank you for an effective natural product to treating such an unpleasant and uncomfortable problems like constipation.

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How much does this supplement cost in pound currency

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